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Hi! I am Judy Turner: Child of God, Minister of Music’s wife, mother of two, retired public school music teacher, church pianist, Ladies Ministry Director, Family Ministry Director, Piano Teacher, Children’s Choir Director, writer and anything else under one of the above categories…I’m your person! I like to think of it as I’m the Lord’s person.

I’m kinda crafty. I sew a little, quilt a little, paint a little, cross stitch a little, smock a little and scrapbook! I love to cook and especially bake! My imperfect grands have their own favorite cake I bake when they are home! 

I am a middle child originally from Jackson, MS with a BMEd(Piano) from Mississippi College and a MM from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. While at SWBTS, I met and married my husband, Anthony. In case you’re wondering, he’s my favorite Minister of Music. This New Year’s Eve, we will celebrate our 37th Anniversary. Have we encountered life’s obstacles? Yes. Has the Lord been faithful through these storms and valley’s? Absolutely! Was money tight? Yes. Did we always agree? No. Was God always faithful? Yes. Were our prayers always answered the way we wanted? No. Did we question His answer? Sometimes. Are we there yet? No. Are we still learning? Absolutely!

We have two children, Benjamin and Mary Beth, one daughter-in-law, Audra and two imperfect grand-dogs, Ryder and Toby Pawl. Anthony and I also have Rudy who loves us during these empty-nest days. More about them later!

My heart for people to take their needs, problems and concerns to the throne of Grace brings me to the creation of this ministry for our Savior’s glory. He has placed this call on my life to help others embrace the Imperfections of their earthly life as we grow in our Circle of Love.

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